My first solo gallery exhibit was titled Three Miles From Home and was hung at my local library. That title was an accurate description of the locations where I made those photographs (some are here in this portfolio) and it is generally also true of my newest work. With my imagery, I try to completely explore a certain place to find it's essence, and as my technique evolves, so do the styles of my photographs. I draw my inspiration from late 19th century and early 20th century landscape artists, ranging from The Hudson River School paintings to Winslow Homers watercolors of the Adirondacks. Similar to painters, watercolor and pastel artists, I try to interpret the locations I photograph more than to depict them as exactly how they appeared in real life. My work reveals much about my personality and instincts, therefore the images are not just pictures of places or things, they are meant to be reflections of my experiences on location and how these places affect me. I work exclusively with film and do not employ post process techniques to enhance the original images.

Thompson's Pond, circa 1977
From my 1st roll of B&W film, circa 1977

About the prints

The photographs in this portfolio of work are produced as limited edition archival pigment prints and have been selected to display in a grand, large format. Because they are film originals, these photographs can be reproduced to extraordinary sizes without a loss in resolution and maintain an astounding level of richness of color, tonality and clarity.


The color panoramic photographs are generally printed in editions of 100 though a few older images have a higher edition number. They are available in the following image sizes. My canoe photograph "Old Town Guide Model" has it's own limited set of sizes and pricing. Please contact me for a current price list at

32 x 10"framed to43 x 22"
40 x 13"framed to52 x 26"
48 x 16"framed to60 x 27"
52 x 17"framed to65 x 32"

The color square photographs are also printed in editions of 100 and are available in the following image sizes:

20 x 20"framed to33 x 34"
30 x 30"framed to40 x 41"
40 x 40"framed to50 x 51"

The black and white photographs are printed in editions of 50 and are available in the following image sizes:

20 x 20"framed to 30 x 31"40 x 13" framed to50 x 24"
30 x 30"framed to 40 x 41"48 x 16" framed to60 x 27"